Water Purification Systems in Glenwood Springs, CO

Ever wonder what’s in your home’s potable water? From bacteria to heavy metals, dangerous natural chemicals to microbes and more, it’s important to consult with a professional about your water. With proper testing, you may be concerned to discover just what you’ve been cooking with, bathing in and drinking!

No matter what’s in your water, Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc offers water purification systems and RO systems in Glenwood Springs, CO to help restore its integrity. Our systems are aimed at providing you with potable water that’s clean, safe and free of any contaminants, all at a perfectly-balanced pH.

We have RO system installations and other solutions that filter out anything from simple chemicals to complex microbes, using a variety of tried and true methods. The goal is always to deliver the safest water to your home. Some of our options include:
Water Purification Systems

  • – Sediment Filtration
  • – Ion Exchange
  • – Activated Carbon
  • – UV Light
  • – Micron Filters
  • – Reverse Osmosis
  • – Ozonation

Depending on the nature of the contamination or dilution of your water, we’ll be happy to point you in the direction of water filtration systems in Glenwood Springs, Redstone, Garfield County, or Pitkin County, CO that get the job done. When we’re through installing your water purification systems, you’ll experience water that’s clean, fresh and pristine in every sense!
Water management systems

In addition to water purification systems, we’re also the go-to source for RO systems and water management systems. Using quality products from Hydrocoms, we help homeowners to ensure their water is being properly conserved and controlled at all times. This prevents everything from waste to damage, and gives you complete control over your potable water supply in any event.

To ensure your home has the cleanest, clearest, best-controlled water, seek the advice of our experts today. We’ll help you explore your options for water purification systems and water management controls. Contact us today for RO system installation and more at 970-230-9038. Remember, we offer free estimates upon inspection and consultation.