Comparing Baseboard Heating vs. Radiant Floor Heating in Glenwood Springs, CO

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The summer is officially over, which means it’s time to stop dreading the heat and instead start combating the cold. As temperatures dip, you are probably thinking about getting a tune-up for your heating system, reinforcing your insulation and investing in some cozy blankets. Mornings can be especially grueling during the winter; it can feel nearly impossible to muster the motivation to step out of a warm bed and onto a freezing cold floor. Thankfully, there is something that you can do to keep your floor warm all day long to make those cold mornings a little bit more bearable. By installing a heating system, you can enjoy warmer temperatures and a more comfortable climate.

Two of the most effective heating solutions for homeowners are baseboard heating and radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO. If you’re unsure about which route to take, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each:

  • Effectiveness: While baseboard heating systems can heat a room much more quickly than radiant floor heating systems, the heat is also concentrated around walls, where the source of the heating is located. With radiant floor heating systems, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room and the space remains warmer for a longer period of time.
  • Efficiency: When it comes to efficient energy use, radiant floor heating wins out over baseboard heating. This system can significantly reduce your energy use and reduce waste when compared with a baseboard heating system.
  • Longevity: In general, you can expect effective operation from baseboard systems for about 10 years or less. On the other hand, radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO can often last for several decades!
  • Functionality: While baseboard systems can be installed in most rooms and work with most flooring types, it is important to consider that there may be some types of flooring that radiant floor heating systems might not be compatible with. To get specific information about what kinds of flooring can be installed over radiant heating systems, you can talk to someone who specializes in radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO.
  • Cost: While the cost of heating systems can vary based on a variety of factors, you can generally expect to spend a little bit more upfront for a radiant floor heating system. While the initial investment might be greater, you will be saving when it comes to energy usage and you won’t need to replace your system as often as you would if you had baseboard heating.

In many cases, you might find that a radiant heating system is the best choice for your specific needs and circumstances. If this is the case, you will want to find a professional who can offer comprehensive installation services. If you’re in search of dependable solutions for radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO, you can find exceptional and friendly service from the team here at Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc. We have been serving the community of Glenwood Springs for years with plumbing, heating and geothermal services that allow you to enjoy comfort in your home. We would be happy to provide you with additional information—simply give us a call today!

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