Five Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating in Glenwood Springs, CO Over Forced Air

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Is it time to upgrade your home’s heating system? Whether you need a new system now or in the future, you’ll have to decide which heating model is best for your home. Should you choose radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO or forced air?

Many homeowners make the mistake of selecting forced air simply because this is what they know. This system is common, but that doesn’t make it the best solution. When it’s time to equip your home with heat, consider the advantages of radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO.

  • Efficiency: Radiant heat is 30 percent more efficient than forced air. Because it provides a continuous release of heat, it does not have to shut on and off repeatedly, wasting energy. With forced air, rooms heat up quickly, but also cool down quickly. Homeowners frequently adjust their thermostats and pay for it when the utility bill arrives.
  • Quiet: Forced air systems involve loud blowers, popping ductwork, fans and more. Their frequent startups can be quite noisy. With radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO, you can enjoy peace and quiet. Warmth spreads through your floor and into your rooms without a sound. You avoid the clunky sounds and rushing wind of forced air systems while you sit in your quiet, comfortable home.
  • Flexibility: Forced air systems make it very difficult to create heating zones. If you want your living room to feel nice and toasty, you must heat your entire house. This is a waste of energy, which you will see reflected on your utility bill. Why heat empty rooms? Radiant floor heating allows you to heat the spaces you need to, when you want to.
  • Allergen-reduction: Seasonal, dust and pet allergies can make your life miserable. Radiant floor heating is an ideal option for those who suffer from allergies. Forced air systems spread particles throughout the home. As dust, pollen and other debris travel through your ductwork, they often make allergy symptoms worse. The forced air system kicks up more allergens every time it runs. Radiant floor heating is much friendlier on your allergies.
  • Low loss: Hot air that travels through ductwork from a furnace to your living space is likely to leak through any openings it passes along the way. Any heat that remains when it reaches you quickly rises to the ceiling. Unless you have a very unusual room setup, this is not where you need the heat to be. Radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO eliminates this waste. It doesn’t travel from another source. It heats your room directly, providing consistent comfort.

For many homeowners, radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO is the clear choice. It offers financial savings, energy savings and greater comfort in the home. If you’re still not sure which heating solution is best for your setting, contact the experts at Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc. We will review your options and assist you in choosing the best one for your home and lifestyle. Reach out to our team today!

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