What Are the Benefits of Soft Water?

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Hard water is water that contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium or lime, which can cake in fixtures, such as tubs and sinks, in pipes and even in the toilet. These minerals do not adversely affect your health, but they can adversely affect the health of your plumbing—which can affect the health of your bank account.

Soft water is simply water without all these minerals. Some water is naturally soft, whereas other water is chemically softened by the addition of salt. Both hard and soft water are healthy for you, but soft water does offer some unique benefits, which can make water softener installation in Glenwood Springs, CO an appealing investment.

The hygiene benefits of soft water

Hard water leaves more soap residue behind than soft water. The soap and the minerals in the water, when mixed together, form a sticky, gross goop called “soap curd.” Even when you get the curd off, it leaves residue behind, which can make sensitive skin more prone to breaking out in rashes and irritation, and can even make it more likely that you get ingrown hairs. Soft water, on the other hand, is gentler on your skin and hair.

Benefits for your plumbing

Installing a water softening or water purification system so it conditions your water before it enters your home can extend the life of your pipes by preventing mineral buildup. Normal mineral buildup can exacerbate the buildup of grease, hair and food scraps in your pipes. (We all do our best to avoid it, but this buildup is somewhat inevitable). Before you invest in water softener installation in Glenwood Springs, CO, double check with your plumber that your pipes can handle the system. Sometimes the addition of salt to your water, which is how the water is softened, can make the water somewhat more corrosive to your pipes. Your plumber will know if this is likely to be a problem in your home.

The potential downsides of chemically softened water

There are two primary downsides of chemically softened water. For one, there’s the potential corrosiveness of the softened water to your pipes, which we just mentioned. Everyone’s heard that salt water creates rust. Using chemical softener on your water adds salt, which can obviously be a potential issue if you have old metal pipes.

Second, there are some health issues associated with removing natural minerals from water—especially calcium, which is quite important to all of us—and adding salt in its place. So, if you have bone issues or heart issues, water softener installation in Glenwood Springs, CO may not be a good idea. Of course, these problems only exist with chemically softened water; naturally soft water presents no such problems.

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