Five Signs That Your Water Softener in Glenwood Springs, CO Isn’t Working Properly

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Do you suspect your water softener in Glenwood Springs, CO needs some TLC? For many homeowners, this is one appliance that flies under their radar. You may not notice an issue right away. If you miss early warning signs that your water softener isn’t working properly, you may need more extensive repairs down the line.

To determine if your water softener needs attention or repairs, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you squeaky clean?

Hard water has a different feel than soft water. You’ll notice the effects of hard water on your skin. It leaves a film that makes your skin dry, itchy and sticky. Note how your skin feels after you bathe. If your water softener is working properly, it should feel clean and healthy. During your shower or bath, the soap should also lather easily.

Are your appliances suffering?

Water softeners in Glenwood Springs, CO remove harmful mineral deposits from your water. If they are not working properly, you’ll start to notice the effects of these chemicals still present in your water. You will find a crusty buildup around your pipes and faucets. Your dishes may have water spots. Your clothes may be stiffer when they come out of your washer and dryer. Over time, this buildup can be unhealthy for your fixtures and appliances, so take care of any issues with your water softener right away.

Does your water taste salty?

Your water softener may be working, but it may contain too much salt. If you see a salty film on your dishwasher or faucets, this might be the case. Your water might taste salty, too. Salty water can indicate your water softener needs to be cleaned and refilled or that the control valve needs repair. Try cleaning your unit first and check the settings. If you still experience salty water, contact a technician for further repairs.

When was the last time you bought softener salt?

You remembered to pay your mortgage. You remembered to get your oil changed. You even remembered to check your furnace filter. Have you looked in your water softener tank lately? Many homeowners forget to refill this regularly. Try to keep it half full. Set a reminder to check the level once a month to ensure it stays full enough to work properly. Keep an extra bag of salt on hand just in case you forget to add it to your shopping list one month.

Is your water softener operating?

Perhaps your water softener has plenty of salt and is perfectly clean, but it isn’t running. It might have electrical issues. There may be problems with the wiring, fuses or cord. Even if treated well, a water softener is a machine with a limited lifespan. Eventually, parts wear out. Contact a technician to see if the electrical issue is reparable or if it is time to replace your water softener.

If you notice any of these signs that your water softener in Glenwood Springs, CO needs attention, take action. You may be able to take care of many of these issues yourself. If you need backup, don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician. The experts at Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc. are available to troubleshoot, repair or replace your water softener with superior service and affordable rates.

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