Does Your Radiant Floor Need Repair?

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You could benefit from heated floors, whether you live in an area that experiences frigid cold winters or you just like your feet and body to be warm at all times. Radiant floor heat, also called underfloor heating, is designed to warm you up starting at your toes. This type of heating can be based on electricity or a hydronic heating system (hot water). When installed correctly, because it has fewer moving parts, this type of system won’t break down as often as some traditional HVAC systems. However, like a traditional heating and cooling system, your underfloor heat is not immune to occasional malfunctions.

Be aware of your home’s radiant floor heating in Glenwood Springs, CO. Is it too hot, or too cold? Does it need repair? Here are some important factors to take into account.

When the floor is too cold:

  • Although your underfloor heating system is capable of heating up within a few minutes, in some instances it can take upwards of an hour to warm a room. This means you might stay cold for a little while after switching on the system. Consider installing a programmable thermostat if you want to wake up or come home to warm temperatures.
  • Your heated floors should not feel ice cold, but they shouldn’t feel blistering hot either. This type of floor heating system is designed to feel relatively neutral under your feet, though super cold days could result in lukewarm temperatures.
  • Something you may not have considered is that objects on the floor will have an impact on heat circulation. Too many things sitting on top of the underfloor heating system—including thick carpeting, legless furniture and clutter—will likely result in cold spots or cold floors in general.

When the floor is too hot:

  • Extremely cold outdoor temperatures will likely have a negative effect on your radiant floor heating. Although the floors should create and maintain heat, the floors may feel more warm than neutral. This is completely normal and does not mean your system requires repair. However, a floor that is hot enough to cause discomfort or injury is a sign that your floor heating system needs repair.
  • Your system should be set at a temperature between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit; you’ll run into problems if the water entering the system is any higher than that. Overly hot hydronic heated floors can be unsafe surfaces for people or their pets to walk on. Additionally, if your floors give off excessive amounts of heat for too long, you will see your energy bills rise, the flooring material could sustain damage and the heating system won’t last as long.
  • When it comes to electrically heated floors, floor surfaces can become extremely and unbearably hot if the radiant heat is trapped and cannot dissipate into the air. This can happen if an oversized appliance is placed over a section of the heating system.

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