Benefits of Using Water Filtration Systems in Glenwood Springs, CO

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Water is essential to life. As homeowners, we acknowledge that we can go to our faucets, turn on the tap and fill up a glass of water to drink, wash our hands, bathe, do laundry and much more. However, we don’t always stop to think about what contaminants might be lurking in our water.

Even “safe” water provided by municipalities or from wells can be contaminated and cause problems for our health, our plumbing and more. To minimize the risks associated with water and ensure the water in your home is as clean as possible, we recommend that homeowners install water filtration systems in Glenwood Springs, CO. Water filters offer many benefits, no matter if you only use filters for potable water or install filters for the water pumped through your entire home.

Cleaner, healthier water

The major benefit of water filters is the assurance you get that your drinking water is not contaminated by harmful agents that can sneak into your water supply. Water filtration systems in Glenwood Springs, CO help remove many common contaminants, including pharmaceuticals, arsenic, aluminum, excess fluoride and other harmful bacteria that can make you sick. Drinking filtered water reduces the risk of cancer, digestive problems and nasty diseases.

Health benefits

Drinking and bathing in filtered water not only prevents you from getting diseases, but can provide other great health benefits as well. People who drink filtered water often enhance their nutrient absorption, enjoy softer, more hydrated skin and feel better in general.

Filtered water also usually looks and smells better than unfiltered water, which can encourage members of your household to drink water more regularly. A greater daily intake of water can improve your energy, quality of daily life and overall health.

Reduced environmental impact

Bottled water used to be a popular alternative to tap water to avoid potential contaminants. However, drinking bottled water creates lots of plastic waste that dominates landfills and ends up in nature.

By installing a water filtration system, you can enjoy drinking water from a reusable bottle or glass, cutting down on the amount of plastic waste you produce and benefiting the environment.

Minimized water deposits

Hard water, which is rich with iron, magnesium and other heavy metals, can wreak havoc on the plumbing systems and appliances in your home by leaving excess mineral deposits and stains that are tough to remove. Water filtration systems help remove these minerals from your water before it has the opportunity to damage your plumbing, saving you money and headaches in the future.

Whole-house filtration systems are particularly beneficial for minimizing water deposits, since water not only comes out of your kitchen faucet or refrigerator, but also your tub, bathroom sinks, washing machines and more.

Work with the experts in water filtration

Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc. is your top source for premier water filtration systems in Glenwood Springs, CO. We specialize in plumbing, heating and geothermal installation and repair and are ready to provide your home with the water filtration or purification systems you need to keep your family safe from contaminants. Call us today to receive a free estimate!

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