Myths and Facts About Heated Floors in Glenwood Springs, CO

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Heated floors are becoming a more and more popular amenity, both in new construction for residential properties as well as in remodeling projects. Because this technology is still so new to many people, though, there tend to be a lot of misconceptions about it, which can prevent people from making truly informed decisions about whether or not heated floors in Glenwood Springs, CO are ideal for their needs.

With this in mind, here is a quick overview of some of the biggest myths associated with heated floors and the actual facts behind them.

MYTH: Radiant heat is always a dry heat.

When people say radiant heat is a dry heat, they aren’t referring to a lack of water used to create the heat, but to a heat that emanates without the presence of any moisture. The truth is that heat is a form of energy, but air and moisture are not. It is inaccurate and simply wrong to say that radiant heat is dry—it would be like trying to describe any other form of energy as “dry” or “moist.”

Ultimately, conditions one would more accurately described as “wet” or “dry” totally depend on the amount of moisture in the area in which the radiant floor heating system is installed.

MYTH: Radiant heating causes the air to become stale.

The general idea behind this misconception is that because there is nothing moving radiant heated air around, the air will become stale, as opposed to the air that’s pushed throughout ventilation systems in a forced air home. What people who believe this myth aren’t realizing is that no matter what type of HVAC system you have in your home, you’re always going to require ventilation. The type of heat you have in your home is not the only factor that goes into determining your interior air quality.

MYTH: Radiant heating is always a more expensive option than other heating systems.

The design of your home and its general geometry is going to have much more to do with how expensive it is to heat your home than the type of heating system you have. An unusual layout, poor insulation and other types of factors around your home are going to make it difficult for you to heat your home at a reasonable price, no matter what kind of heating system you decide to go with, including in-floor radiant heating.

MYTH: You won’t be able to heat up your entire home with radiant heating.

This isn’t true at all—many large projects are going with radiant heating, for a variety of reasons. You’ll find many large office buildings, university buildings, apartment complexes and museums using radiant heating solutions, and a little bit of research will point you to plenty of other types of large-scale projects that use radiant heating to great effect.

These are just a few of the most common misconceptions about radiant heated floors in Glenwood Springs, CO. Contact Garrett Hansen Plumbing Inc. today to learn more about how floor heating can improve your space!

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